Community Education

The purpose of Community Education is to provide the general public with learning opportunities. These opportunities include self-improvement, enrichment, recreation, and academic courses such as GED preparation. We cooperate with many educational organizations that help us to deliver the best possible content.

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You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop your interests, learn new skills and make new friends. Let’s Go Online!

Are you too busy to come to a class? Prefer to study at odd hours? Can’t get a babysitter? These are just a few of the reasons to take an online class. Learn from the comfort of your home and at any time of the day or night, 24/7! Generally you will need access to the Internet, e-mail, the application of the application you want to learn on your computer and the self-discipline to start and finish an on-line class! Some classes require you to purchase textbooks. You will want to visit our website, to learn more about the classes/instructors.

When you register you will receive written instructions that allow you to access your class. You must complete the on-line orientation for each class before you will be allowed access to the lessons.

Course Descriptions for Online Classes Taught by Barbara Denny George:

Exploring the Civil War

This is a wonderful self-paced online course for Civil War enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about the Civil War. Explore diaries, letters, and newspapers. Reenact battles and follow up commentary. View photographs. Learn how to find your ancestors in the Civil War. Yankee or Rebel, you will enjoy the course.

How to Use the Internet: The Basics – Course 1

This is a course for “newbies” to the technological world of the Internet. It is a self-paced, basic online course that is easy to follow. Topics covered are: Introduction to Cyberspace, Vocabulary and Practice, Netiquette, E-Mail, Search Engines and How to Surf. It is appropriate for a 14 year old or a 114 year old! It’s never too late to learn how to use the Internet! Completion Certificates available upon request. Good for Senior Citizens.

Using the Internet – Course 2

This online course is a continuation of Course 1 but more detailed and personalized. Topics include: Details for Chat, Usenet, Listservs and Search Techniques. Personal interest areas will be explored. Participants under 18 need parental permission. Completion Certificates available upon request.

Adult Basic Education – ESL

The ESL course focuses on the development of oral and written English for persons with limited English-speaking skills. The class is based on a literature-based skill program for readers who need help in improving their basic English skills. The program provides a wide variety of hands-on practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening. This class also offers the student an opportunity to transition from ESL 4 into the online GED program.

Study Skills for Students

This course is offered for the serious student at the high school or college level. In this class the student will learn organization and study habits designed to increase academic success. The program is developed and published by hmStudySkills. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or above and a desire to improve organization for academic success.

SAT Seminar No. 2

This is an exciting, highly motivating program that prepares students to take the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) or the Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test (PSAT). Students will practice doing an authentic test so they know what to expect when they take the real test. All materials are provided. Students attend both dates in this seminar.

Business Law for Entrepreneurs

Each year thousands of people in Texas, without knowledge of business laws, seek financial independence by establishing corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Expertise, motivation, dedication, business plans, and financial resources are no longer enough to ensure success. This course introduces you to laws that impact businesses such as those governing arbitration, antitrust, bankruptcy, business records, contracts, copyrights, debt collection, employee relationships, labor laws, leasing equipment and real estate, lending and borrowing, product liability, securities laws, trademarks, truth in advertising, unemployment compensation, unfair competition, and warranties.

For the past 3 years, Transit Stop has operated a community education program that has grown to include almost 3000 participants per semester. We will be now providing also courses online.

Please note: Each class will be available at 11:00 a.m. on the start date of your class. (Please register three business days before the start date to avoid a $10.00 late charge.) This does not mean that you have to start on that date or at that time – only that the class will be available for six weeks from the start date until you complete classes offered to you on January 21, February 18, March 17, April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21 or August 18. A new section of each course starts each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more classes, please space the start dates for each course at least two months apart so that the lessons do not overlap.

0108-BD.4         Caregiving Tips

This is an online course for those who are, or will be, caregivers for senior citizens. The class includes information on living arrangements, housing and transportation, health and nutrition, body changes and medication, government programs, insurance and legal affairs, and how to take care of yourself as the caregiver.

0222-BD.1         Go West, Young Girl, Go West!

We often hear and see movies about the lives of cowboys. What was pioneer life like for a cowgirl? Look at many female pioneers and their lifestyles. Learn what motivated some of them to endure this way of life. See what their travel was like and how life became once they reached their destination. Explore books, videos, musicals, television shows, movies and the Internet for information. After you have worked your way through the self-paced online course and visited all of the links, you will have a better understanding of that time in history known as the Western Expansion and the women who were a part of it. This course is of interest to both sexes and all ages.

0231-BD.1         Stamp Collecting and the Internet

You may want to work on a Scout Merit Badge, start a new hobby or revitalize an old one. Learn the basics of postal collecting (it’s not just stamps, you know) and visit several sites on the Internet. Completion certificates are available upon request for this online course.

0233-BD.1         Hummingbirds

Learn about the life of hummingbirds and how nature has adapted and made these creatures unique little flying machines. In this online course you will explore information about types of hummingbirds and their habitats. Read stories, legends and myths. Ages 11 – adult.

0234-BD.1         Native Plants of Texas

This online course is for newcomers to Texas or for those who for the first time in their lives have time to work with horticulture and landscape. Learn how to use native Texas plants in your landscaping and where you can get them. You will be given sites of interest including native plant societies, environmental agencies and more. There is a worksheet you can download to help with special projects in your landscape.

0235-BD.1         Xeriscaping and Composting

Water conservation and recycling awareness has made xeriscaping and composting very popular in the gardening and landscaping arena. Utilize a one-on-one instruction with this beginning online course to help you learn more about these procedures.

0241-BD.1         Lighthouses of the Gulf Coast

Take a virtual look at the history, architecture, and pictures of lighthouses located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and western and southern Florida. This is an online exploration of these lighthouses on the Internet.

0242-BD.1         Lighthouses of the Great Lakes

A virtual look at the history, architecture, and pictures of lighthouses located in western New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. This is an online exploration of these lighthouses on the Internet.

0243-BD.1         Lighthouses of the Atlantic Coast

A virtual look at the history, architecture, and pictures of lighthouses located in Maine, New Hampshire, eastern New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, eastern Florida, and Puerto Rico. This is an online exploration of these lighthouses on the Internet.

0244-BD.1         Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast

Take a virtual look at the history, architecture, and pictures of lighthouses located in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. This is an online exploration of these lighthouses on the Internet.

0245-BD.1         Lighthouses of the Canadian Coast

Take a virtual look at the history, architecture, and pictures of lighthouses located in Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario) and Western Canada (Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba). This is an online exploration of these lighthouses on the Internet.

0246-BD.1         Stargazing: Virtual Reality Style – Course 1

If the skies are cloudy all night where you live or if you enjoy looking and learning about the night skies, this is a fun online course for you. You don’t have to worry about the weather or city lights. Just put on some comfortable clothes, log on to the course and enjoy stargazing – virtual reality style! Includes stars and constellations.

0247-BD.1         Stargazing: Course 2

This is a continuation of course 1. More detailed, online exploration of planets, solar systems, galaxies, black holes and more of our celestial canopy. You will utilize the wonders of space and the wonders of Internet.

0511-BD.2         20+ Ways to Use Your Digital Camera

This online course provides an introduction to the fascinating technology that is catapulting the photographic world into the 21st century. We’ll discuss the basics of digital photography, equipment, software, the digital darkroom, printing, Internet and e-mail use, along with commercial and personal applications.

0513-BD.2         20+ Ways to Use Your Basic Photo Editing Software

Learn online to do cool things with all those digital pictures you have. Get ideas and advice in taking and creating high quality photographs and learn to use images with projects for fun, home, school or business. One to one interaction with the instructor occurs with this class

0525-BD.1         What is Genealogy? How Do I Use the Internet for Genealogy? Course 1

Learn how to trace your family history using the Internet. This is a course for persons new to Genealogy and/or the Internet. A fun way to start tracing your family history online and using the Internet at the same time. The instructor is very patient and leads newcomers through the Internet with ease. Those who prefer a faster pace are able to do so because the course is self-paced. It covers: 1) Charts and forms and how to acquire information for them, 2) popular genealogical sites, 3) surname sites, 4) search engine tips, 5) mailing lists and photographs, 6) organizing your data, and 7) computer software for genealogy. This class is for ages 12 and up.

0526-BD.1         Where to Find Specific Genealogical Information on the Internet – Course 2

An online course that provides a variety of activities for those needs that come after longer periods of researching. Participants learn how to find the “unusual” and “miscellaneous” on the Internet. It covers: 1) Simple research tools and techniques, 2) Vital records: birth, adoption, marriage, and death, 3) census, tax, and land records, 4) maps, gazettes, atlases, photographs, 5) military records, 6) native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and 7) religious groups. This class is for ages 13 and up.

0527-BD.1         Advanced Genealogical Research Using the Internet – Course 3

Prerequisite: Genealogy Courses 1 and/or 2. This online course gives specific Internet sources for a variety of needs. It covers: ship passenger lists, immigration and naturalization and American migration trails. Learn how to find mental patients, prisoners, school students, teachers, freemason, and female ancestors. Finding divorce records, using family Bibles, journals and diaries will also be covered. You will study handwriting, plan family reunions, make scrapbooks and much, much more. Age 14 and up.

0528-BD.1         World Genealogy – Course 4

Prerequisite: Genealogy Courses 1 and/or 2 and/or 3. Searching the world for your ancestors can be a bit intimidating. Course 4 is a good start in this endeavor. This online course uses skills learned in previous courses to do research on and off line in more than 52 countries around the world. Seeking genealogical information, participants will work, one to one, with the instructor, at a self-paced speed online for as many days of the week as desired within the 30-day session. This class is for ages 15 and up.

0541-BD.1         Unsolved Mysteries

There are many mysteries that are not solved. Learn online about the Abominable Snowman, Loch Ness Monster, Ball Lightning, Lake Champlain Creature, Stonehenge and Black Holes. Explore online what happened to Amelia Earhardt and other unexplained happenings.

0551-BD.1         Who Wants to be a “Mathenaire”

After this online adventure you will not need to use any lifelines on your road to success. Equip yourself with a higher understanding of algebra, geometry, trig and more. One day this information could be worth millions. This class is for ages 12 and up.

0902-BD.2         Get the Most Out of Your Macintosh

Learn how to get the most out of your Macintosh computer. Explore shareware, freeware and commercial products and reviews. View the latest Macintosh news as well as general technology news. One-to-one online interaction with the instructor dealing with you personal questions is available

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